Mentoring in Undergraduate Training

The challenges and complexities of medical education have increased in recent years and students must gain proficiency in the diagnosis and treatment of a vast array of illnesses, master multifaceted communication and documentation skills and learn to provide care in a variety of complex medical systems. As results there is a need for a comprehensive approach to faculty development that should include instruction on leadership, organizational skills, teaching methods, and personal improvement.

This section includes a manual for mentoring for academic trainers, with English and Romanian versions, and an open online courses. It will assist academic trainers to become more proficient in implementing the new palliative care undergraduate curriculum in the academic world, in supervising the clinical element of the training and in fostering the professional development of their students.

Content of the manual:

  • What is mentoring and types of mentoring
  • Who can be a mentor?
  • Developing a mentoring program
  • Practical skill in mentorship
  • Mentor as leader

The mentoring materials are at . You will need to spend a few minutes registering as a user on the platform, which is free of charge. If you have any difficulties in completing the registration process please email